Nutrition is a process through which living beings intake some eatables to obtain energy for their survives.

Types of food:

  1. Energy giving food: carbohydrates and fats
  2. Body building food: proteins
  3. Protecting food: vitamins and minerals

Why nutrition is important:

  1. It provides the raw material for growth.
  2. It repairs the damage cells of the body
  3. It provides energy for metabolic activities such as respiration, digestion, etc.

Types of nutrition:

  1. Autotrophic nutrition:

The mode of nutrition in which the organism can make their food by own is known as autotrophic nutrition.



All green plants are autotrophes. They can make their own food during photosynthesis.


It is a process by which green plants make their food in the presence of sunlight with the help of carbon dioxide (from environment) and water (from soil) and chlorophyll.



  1. Heterotrophic nutrition:

Expect green plants all other organisms cannot prepare their food. They all depend on either plants or animal for nutrition.

This is done by following ways:

  • Herbivores:

They eat only plants.

e.g.: cow, deer, goat, etc.

Picture4 Picture3

  • Carnivores:

They eat only flesh of other animals.

e.g.: lion, tiger, sharks, etc.

Picture6 Picture5

  • Omnivores:

They eat both plants and animals.

e.g.: man, dog

Picture7 Picture8

  • Saprophytes:

They feed on dead organic decaying substances.

e.g.: fungus on pickle, bacteria on dead animals

Picture9 Picture10

  • Parasite:

When an organism lives on or in another living organism (host) from which they obtain food.

e.g.: mosquitoes bite us to suck our blood. Tapeworm lives in the large intestine of human. The mosquitoes and tapeworm known as parasite.


In short, parasites can get their food from the host. The parasites are benefited from the host.


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